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The Rotary Club of Chateau Gontier in Northern France

In 1973, just a few years after Bournemouth North Rotary was formed, members decided to investigate the possibility of forming a twinning association with other Rotarians in Europe with the purpose of spreading friendship within Rotary and sharing experiences of life and community support in other parts.


After visiting a number of clubs in various parts of Europe it was decided to twin with the Rotary Club of Chateau Gontier.  Located in Mayenne in Northern France just 176 miles (283km) south of Cherbourg, Chateau Gontier is a delightful town with a population of around 12,000.

The twinning arrangement proved to be extremely successful and each year the members took it in turns to visit each other and enjoy superb hospitality and a snapshot of life in one of our neighbouring countries.

With visitors being hosted in members homes and more recently in a local hotel, members have become firm friends with their hosts over the years with many more exchange visits arranged in addition to those of Rotary.

As a part of the association, the two clubs have come together over the years to jointly fund various projects thus making a significant difference together.

The last visit by Bournemouth North to Chateau Gontier was in 2018 after which things had to be put on hold due to the Covid pandemic. However plans are now in hand for the Chateau Gontier members to visit Bournemouth in June 2023. 


Chateau Gontier, Mayenne in North West France

Chateau Gontier, Mayenne in North West France

Arriving at Chateau Gontier - May 2018

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