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Bournemouth North in Action

Our Structure


Bournemouth North Rotary is governed by the Board of Trustees which is chaired by the President. The Board also includes the Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect, Junior Vice President, Action Group Chairs and one elected member from the membership.  The Trustees meet monthly.

Upon joining Bournemouth North Rotary new members are invited to join one of the Action Groups as follows:

Management Committee:

This group of our members which generally includes the President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer looks after the day to day running of the organisation. The team liaise with the venue where we meet, and are concerned with the welfare of members, arrange speakers and deal with membership issues, the web site and Business Partners scheme.


Community and International Action Group:

This group of members identify ways in which we can support our local communities and maintain contacts locally.  Members are involved with a wide range of projects:

  • with schools and youth clubs,

  • supporting local charities,

  • supporting older people,

  • working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people.


This group also looks to identify needs in different parts of the World which the we might be able to help and can be supported from our Charity Fund.

Some years ago the charity received a bequest which we continue to manage. This bequest was designated to ‘Support health and education in Africa’, and this members group look into ways in which this fund can best be used to support those in need. 

Fund Raising Action Group:

This members group is key to our success in supporting our local community.  The funds they raise are mostly spent locally to support those in need.  This committee is highly successful in organising cabaret nights, concerts, fashion shows, collections and sporting events all of which provide a great deal of fun and enjoyment with the added advantage of raising money to support our community.

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