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Aims of the International Committee


The brief of our International Committee is extremely broad as would be expected with so much going on in the world today.


Some years ago, we received a bequest which we continue to manage. The bequest was designated to Support health and education in Africa. The International Committee identifies ways in which this fund can best be used to support those in need. 


The committee will also identify needs in different parts of the World which the we might be able to help and can be supported from our Charity Fund.

Osiligi Massai Warriors.JPG

Osiligi Project

One of the main projects supported by Bournemouth North for many years is the Osiligi Village in Kenya.


The charity was originally started to help the Osiligi Maasai Warriors’ community in Southern Kenya but has now evolved to include projects across the whole of Kenya.

Among the many projects that Bournemouth North have helped finance in Osiligi are the school, the clinic, and the orphanage.

This UK charity is now working across Kenya repairing broken hand pumps and working in the Maasai areas of Kenya, helping families out of poverty through education, health and local clean water and by assisting people to become more economically active.


Helping Kenya and Africa help itself is one of its main objectives.

A team of volunteers with no salaries or costs thus 100% of monies we received goes to the projects in Kenya. Nothing is used for any UK expenses.

Osiligi Orphanage Kenya.jpg

New Orphanage and Safe House in Kenya

New Orphanage and Safe House at Osiligi in Kenya

The School.jpg

New School at Osiligi in Kenya

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