There are many competitions and challenges that take place between Rotary Clubs locally and within out Rotary District, these include snooker, billiard, bowls, darts, golf, quizzes, petanque, with the occasional 10 pin bowling or even fishing session. Our Club enthusiastically if inexpertly take part in these with varying degrees of success but it is a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians and enjoy their company.

As a Club we have embraced Petanque as our main sport and have adopted Merley Community Centre, Harrier Drive, Merley, BH21 1XE as our home terrain. We compete in division one of the local New Forest Petanque League playing teams from over a wide area.




16th September

The BNRC boules team started the season with three great results, and confidence soared amongst our elderly team of much-lauded players. However, it soon became clear that beneath the surface all was not well with the BNRC Body and the team began to lose matches, – “what is going on” I heard them say – “this can’t be happening”.

The mood darkened with each disappointing result in games played under the glaring, all-seeing bright new lights on the Merley terrain. The situation continued to worsen over the ensuing weeks as all hope of a return to form faded along with their plummeting league position.

This sense of hopelessness prevailed until the team finally descended into a state of voluntarily-induced coma.  DNR. No sign of life.  Presumed …dead!  Very sad.

However, a Lazarus phenomenon-like glimmer of hope came along this week in the unlikely shape of a team of strolling players from the Hamworthy Petanque Club who arrived at Merley complete with their numerous supporters, bright and breezy, full of expectation of a decisive win over this dormant corpse of an opposition.  (An expectation reluctantly but silently feared by the forlorn BNRC captain).

But was there life in the BNRC Body yet – only time would tell. Whilst both BNRC triples teams won their games in grand style two of the following doubles games were lost.  The mood soared to great heights not recently experienced but then took a nose dive once more as the losing players watched team mates Gabriel and Graham fall behind by five points in the third and final game. “Here we go again” we all thought.  But no!  Slowly, gradually, unbelievably, point by point G & G pulled back, and eventually took the lead. “What’s happening here?” we cried in disbelief as they went boldly on to WIN the game thus giving us a 3/2 win over a disappointed but always sporting Hamworthy team.

How can a Captain take the strain I ask myself? Gareth Southgate doesn’t suffer like this.

So just two games left to play.  One against the league leaders Salmon Leap, who haven’t lost a game …….ever!   The other, a delayed away game against Parley.

Once more unto the breach

Such fun.


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19th August 2021

After the magnificent 4/1 win last week, it’s back down to earth this week for the BNRC team at the hands of Chris Chubb’s Muscliffe Maniacs team. 

The Maniacs played magnificently whilst our BNRC left their game behind at Merley.  No ifs, no buts – we were thrashed 5/0!   (But we did beat them earlier in the season on our terrain …… our saving grace).

Back to business next week when we are away to Redlynch in the far flung reaches of Wiltshire.

You will note that this week’s report is somewhat shorter than last weeks. I wonder why.



12th August 2021

Well, well, well, – what a night.

Bournemouth North played a blinder this evening against the team which was in second place in Group A of the New Forest League.

In the triples Mike O, Graham and Steve pulled off a 13-4 win against a strong Falcons trio, whilst John S, Mike E and Malcolm won their game 13-1 against a team which over the years have been comfortable winners over us.

With the two wins in the bag the three doubles games also went well with Gabriel and Graham winning 13-2, John S and Steve M winning 13/7 (having been 7/0 down at one stage) and the third pair of Malcolm and Mike E lost 13/10 in a closely fought game.

With a 4/1 win and a +35 points winning margin BNRC were delighted to have overcome this strong team in an atmosphere which was friendly and sporting throughout.

This was the last match for a while which Graham will play before he goes into hospital for his long-awaited treatment.  The team wish him all the luck in the world, and we look forward very much to see him back strong and healthy, playing boule again.  



6th August 2021

The BNRC team was placed in 3rd position in Group A as this week they welcomed the very successful Group A leaders Salmon Leap team from Southampton to the Merley terrain. 

Our team was without its talisman Malcolm Jefferies who was unable to play due to a family commitment. The match started promisingly with John Spurgeon, Mike Edwards and Gabriel winning their triples game 13-4 but the other triples game was lost 13- 3. Sadly, the following three doubles matches were all lost, with John and Graham going close with a 13/12 defeat in their game. 

This 4/1 defeat is our third successive loss but the team remain stoical and resolute in their determination to do their very best whilst enjoying the company of their various opposing teams.

Whilst the team may have failed this week, our new lighting system provided sunlit conditions on its inaugural usage in the failing light of this Autumn-like evening.

Oh dear, Flights Falcons next week.



Following cancellation of the NFPL in 2020, at a recent meeting of the Team Captain’s of the New Forest Petanque League Clubs, the NFPL Committee offered a proposal for a “cut-down” league for the summer of 2021 which would allow everyone to play whilst keeping people safe and in compliance with COVID Regulations.

The key is flexibility depending on the situation at the time. Sixteen teams indicated a desire to take part and have been drawn into two groups – A and B.

Bournemouth North Rotary Club Petanque Team matches have been drawn in Group A and matches are as shown below.

The fixture list indicates when games might be played if we are allowed to and people feel safe. However, whilst the default game day is Thursday, for the first time in the NFPL games can be played by arrangement at any time of the day and on any days as well as Thursdays. This gives everyone the opportunity of rearranging fixtures if someone is on holiday or if COVID restrictions cause the cessation of play.

At the end of the season the winners of Group A will play the runners-up of Group B and the winners of Group B will [play the runners-up of Group A.

The winners of these matches will play the final.

Note: No food or drinks will be provided at any of the matches. Players should arrange to provide their own if required.


Week 1: Com 21/6/21                   Bournemouth North Rotary (3)    v            Redlynch (2)

Week 2: Com 28/6/21                   Bournemouth North Rotary (3)    v            Muscliffe Maniacs (2)

Week 3: Com 05/7/21                   Flights Falcons (4)                        v            Bournemouth North Rotary (1)

Week 4: Com 12/7/21                   Muscliffe Monarchs (1)                v            Bournemouth North Rotary (4)

Week 5: Com 19/7/21                   Bournemouth North Rotary (2)    v            Parley 2 (3)

Week 6: Com 26/7/21                   Hamworthy(3)                              v            Bournemouth North Rotary (2)

Week 7: Com 2/8/21                    Bournemouth North Rotary (1)    v            Salmon Leap (4)

Week 8: Com 9/8/21                    Bournemouth North Rotary (4)    v            Flights Falcons (1)

Week 9: Com 16/8/21                   Muscliffe Maniacs (5)                  v            Bournemouth North Rotary (0)

Week 10: Com 23/8/21                 Redlynch                                     v           Bournemouth North Rotary

Week 11: Com 30/8/21                 Bournemouth North Rotary        v            Muscliffe Monarchs

Week 12: Com 6/9/21                   Parley 2                                       v            Bournemouth North Rotary

Week 13: Com 13/9/21                 Bournemouth North Rotary (3)   v           Hamworthy (2)

Week 14: Com 20/9/21                 Salmon Leap                               v           Bournemouth North Rotary

Week 15: Com 27/9/21                

                Semi Final 1                 Winners Group A                            v          Runners-up Group B

               Semi Final 2                  Winners Group B                            v           Runners-up Group A

Week 16: Com 4/10/21

              Final                               Winners Semi-final 1                     v            Winners Semi-final 2


BNRC Boule Team on Tour in Jersey 2013