Supporting the community of Osiligi, Kenya

Bournemouth North Rotary Club has over the past 5 years has been actively involved in the development of Osiligi Obaya in Olepolos Kenya.  During this time a new school has been built, and a water well bored, this is powered by a solar pump producing sufficient water to supply not only the school but the inhabitants of the surrounding area.

We have supported the building of a medical clinic providing care for the schoolchildren as well as villagers from the area. The building has 4 rooms and a shower – the shower being used to cool someone down fast if they have heat exhaustion.

Room 1 is the waiting room and used by the secretary to collect monies etc.

Room 2 is the doctor’s room and has the medicines and examination couch.

Room 3 is a recover room. Currently it just has a recovery couch

Room 4 is a minor operations room. It has 25 light bulbs to give intense light. This is where a visiting dentist / ophthalmologist would operate.

Our latest project with the local community is building an orphanage.  This was commenced in 2015 and is now nearing completion, this facility will eventually house 30/35 orphans and girls at risk from an early marriage or FGM.  It will also act as a ‘boarding’ facility for children attending the school when the weather is bad and they cannot travel each day.  This should increase attendance at the school and be a great benefit for the children.


Finally our Club also sponsors the education of Nelly Simayo which is now secure until 2020.

It costs £16 pcm to sponsor a child in Osilingi.  This covers school fees, books, a mid day meal and drinks. Nellie is good at RE and Maths but really does not like science.  She has good attendance & is a happy child. Below is Nelly and her class mates.