Our officers take care of the running of the club. They look after everything from selecting the short list of charities we support, fundraisers, events and our entertainment evenings.

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Position Name Bio
President Gabriel Shead Gabriel has been a member of the Club for a number of years and during that time has held many jobs including President in 1992. He believes in helping others, and looks forward to his year as President in 2018-19.
President-elect Graham Green After being the other half of a Rotarian for 8 years Graham thought it might be a good time to join as he was getting more heavily involved. So he joined in 2016 and is now looking forward to becoming President in 2019-20.

President Nominee Roger Deas

Treasurer Ros Horsfall-Turner
Club Secretary Mike Edwards Mike’s duties involve more or less everything that the rest of the club leadership don’t do. He looks after the day to day running of the club, making sure that meetings take place and are recorded and all parties are kept in the loop.
Past President John Spurgeon John joined Rotary in 2008 and considers it one of the best decisions he ever made. Aside from making some life-long friends, John has been involved in a variety of club functions including entertainment and fundraising. John served as President in 2017/18 which he enjoyed very much and now looks forward to Supporting Gabriel Shead during his year.

Other Officer Roles



Past President (2017 – 18) John Spurgeon
Club Service Committee Chair Graham Green
Community & Vocational Service Committee Chair John Slade
International Committee Chair Richard Grigg
Fundraising Committee Chair John Spurgeon
Assistant Treasurer
Membership Secretary Sue Slade
Business Partner Secretary Steve Small
Sports Officer Terry Wood
Youth Officer
Almoner Charles Cleghorn
Club Protection Officer Steve Small
Conformity Officer Mike Edwards
Data Protection Officer Mike Edwards
Facebook Graham Green
Webmaster John Spurgeon
Speakers Secretary Mike Staton
Public Relations Gerry Needham