Report of the International and Foundation Committee for the Rotary year 2020/21

Our Aims

At our meeting on 14th July 2020 the committee discussed general aims for the year ahead. We considered a number of projects and felt that there were some that would be particularly difficult to support during lockdown, (shoe boxes being one of them). It was generally felt that it would be preferable if we could identify one particular project with which we could work over a period of time in the same way as Osiligi and the International Children’s Trust have been in the past. As International and Foundation chair I attended the district assembly on 15th May 2021 and before that the Volunteer Expo on the 7th and 8th May 2021.

How have we done?

We have managed to support a wide range of charities, primarily in Africa, but also elsewhere, out of a budget of £15,000 from the Marjorie Gordon fund. Plus, a further £2231 from unrestricted funds as set out below. Due to Covid our links with our French twin club at Chateau Gontier were very limited this year.

International Children’s Trust – Burkina Faso £ 2,969

We donated £2,969 to this project strengthening a nursery school in the capital Ouagadougou. A detailed budget was prepared by ICT.

Our donation has enabled them to purchase educational material, furniture, and a cover for the playground so that the children are not exposed to sun and stifling heat during playtime and outdoor activities and enabling them to play safely in the shade. Also, a contribution towards the salary of an additional nursery nurse for 12 months. Arrangements having been solicited through a community funding scheme to continue the nurse’s employment after that.

Tools for Self-Reliance.   £2,000 (plus anon £500) 

In something of a development of their usual model Tools for Self-Reliance had a specific project in Ghana working with a local partner to deliver vocational skills and training in a marketable trade. This work being in communities of particularly high poverty and low levels of literacy and school attendance, together with poor access to essential services such as water and healthcare,

They will support trainees to set up a little business and equip them with the tools to get started. They will also work with people in the local community to address issues of gender equality and support people to become advocates for women. This would target those who can have an influence, such as community Chiefs and the parents of trainees. This is a 12-month project starting in May 2021 and will deliver training to 26 young people in tailoring dress, making, welding, fabrication, and hairdressing as well as supporting them with skills such as basic bookkeeping and management. This is a considerable step forward for Tools for Self-Reliance and we were particularly pleased to support it with our £2,000 donation plus the anonymous £500.

Global Sight Solutions. (Guildford Rotary Eye Project).   £2,000

We were delighted to be able to donate £2000 to this Rotary project for an eye hospital in Ota north of Lagos in Nigeria.

Marys Meals.  £2,000

This has been another favourite good cause of our club. This year we were able to donate £2000 to the “double the love campaign”. For every £1 donated by us the UK government had agreed a matching donation of £1 up to £2 million.

43,000 Liberian school children were given at least one substantial meal that they would otherwise have missed.

Osiligi Orphanage. £1,920

We have supported Osiligi Orphanage and School in Kenya for many years. As well as projects such as water pump repairs we have supported a young girl Nelly Simao through school. She will be finishing school in November. 2022. Osiligi has been looking for sponsors for the next intake class starting this July. The committee unanimously approved a single lump sum payment £1920 pounds to sponsor another child through their basic first 8 years of schooling.

Wheelchair Foundation. £1,425

After a talk to the club by Milton Frary of the Wheelchair Foundation. International Committee unanimously agreed to fund the cost of 15 wheelchairs for use in Africa at a cost of £1425.

Rotary global grant. COVID 19 app for Kenya. £1,000

In February of this year the committee approved the donation of £1000 to this project. This is a joint project between the Rotary Club of Mount’s Bay, Cornwall and the Rotary Club of Nairobi, having also been approved by Rotary International. We made a pledge of £1000 to fund a video for training health workers in Kenya dealing with covid testing. It is however an app that can be developed further to assist medical training generally.

Smile International. £1,000

A donation of £1000 was made for the purchase of sewing machines for use in Zimbabwe and Uganda. This scheme is similar to Tools for Self-Reliance. Women were to be trained in tailoring skills. Initially to make marketable face masks for the pandemic but thereafter to have the skills to develop their own businesses.

Butterfly baby baskets in Malawi.  £500

Another longstanding Rotary charity. The baskets provide a cot for the baby so removing them from the danger of suffocation from the child sleeping in the same bed as its mother, (a common danger where no cot or basket is available). Additionally, the baskets also contain a mosquito net, mattress, and basic sanitary and toiletry products.

Unrestricted funds.

Polio Plus. £1,131 in total.

That was donated to Polio Plus following the sausage sizzle chez Avis and a similar event chez Jefferies.

Rotary International Foundation. £1,000

The club donated £1000 pounds to our own Rotary International charity.

Shelter Box, Philippines.  £100

We donated £100 from our unrestricted charity funds following a disaster in the Philippines.


Supporting the community of Osiligi, Kenya

Bournemouth North Rotary Club has over the past 5 years has been actively involved in the development of Osiligi Obaya in Olepolos Kenya.  During this time a new school has been built, and a water well bored, this is powered by a solar pump producing sufficient water to supply not only the school but the inhabitants of the surrounding area.

We have supported the building of a medical clinic providing care for the schoolchildren as well as villagers from the area. The building has 4 rooms and a shower – the shower being used to cool someone down fast if they have heat exhaustion.

Room 1 is the waiting room and used by the secretary to collect monies etc.

Room 2 is the doctor’s room and has the medicines and examination couch.

Room 3 is a recover room. Currently it just has a recovery couch

Room 4 is a minor operations room. It has 25 light bulbs to give intense light. This is where a visiting dentist / ophthalmologist would operate.

Our latest project with the local community is building an orphanage.  This was commenced in 2015 and is now nearing completion, this facility will eventually house 30/35 orphans and girls at risk from an early marriage or FGM.  It will also act as a ‘boarding’ facility for children attending the school when the weather is bad and they cannot travel each day.  This should increase attendance at the school and be a great benefit for the children.

Finally our Club also sponsors the education of Nelly Simayo which is now secure until 2020.

It costs £16 pcm to sponsor a child in Osilingi.  This covers school fees, books, a mid day meal and drinks. Nellie is good at RE and Maths but really does not like science.  She has good attendance & is a happy child. Below is Nelly and her class mates.