Tuesday (22nd June) our members met face-to-face for the first and last time in the 2020/21 Rotary Year.

Roger ready to hand over the hallowed chain of office

Handover and Club Assembly, which marks the end of each Rotary year, was held in the garden of our new Club President – Rotarian John Slade. Socially distanced and following the guidelines that we have all come to live by, it was time for President Roger to hand over the Chain of Office to John and to wish him and his new team the very best of luck for the coming year.

“Over to you Mr President” – “Thank you Mr President”

No one foresaw the year that Roger and the members were going to have to contend with. In that time all meetings have been held on Zoom, including Council and Trustee meetings and whist there have been many restrictions on what we were able to do we have all come through with a great deal of credit. Attendances on line have been excellent and we have had many very good speakers to keep the interest going.

President John says “I’m in charge”

Roger was determined that he would chair at least one face-to-face meeting during his year and finally managed that on the last day. He thanked all of the Officers and members of the Club for their support during the past 12 months and believed that we have done well to come through generally unscathed and ready for the new challenges ahead.

The meeting was very well attended and both John and Roger hope that this bodes well for the future of the Club.

President John welcomes President Elect Peter Avis ensuring the line of succession is maintained for 2022/23
Club Members making sure they do it right.

Boule is back – a little bit of normal

The New Forrest Petanque League got underway this week, albeit a little late and in a slightly revised format after a break of nearly 2 years. But never mind – it was good to see a little bit of normal and to be able to see people face-to-face again.

On a warm sunny evening Bournemouth North Rotary welcomed this week’s visitors to Merley from the Redlynch Petanque Club.

The BNRC team included Steve Maidment (C), John Spurgeon, Anne Green, Graham Green, Gabriel Shead, Mike Edwards and Malcolm Jefferies 

The two triple games finished all even with one game won by each side. Then it was on to the three pairs games which BNRC managed to win 2-1 which meant a 3-2 win on the night. 

BNRC Captain Steve Maidment said that “it was good to see old friends and adversaries after such a prolonged period and the result was somewhat incidental to the friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere on the night and whilst we managed to win the game, the banter was a draw”.

BNRC are now looking forward to the next match on Thursday 1st July when they will welcome Muscliffe Maniacs to Merley. 

Maintaining Covid Rules and additional specific precautions agreed be the League Management Committee, it is hoped that a full schedule of matches can be completed by the end of September or early October by the 16 teams that have entered.