Bournemouth North make 3 Donations to Local Charities

The Rotary Club of Bournemouth has presented 3 cheques to Charities in the local area hoping to help make life a little easier where they can.

President John and Secretary Mike presents a cheque to Rod Slip at the MS Centre

The first was presented by Club President John Spurgeon and Secretary Mike Edwards to Mr Rod Slip the Chairman of Bournemouth Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society at West Parley. The cheque for £500 will go towards the construction of a new disabled toilet and consulting room at the centre.

Fundraising Co-coordinator at the MS Centre Kay Bundy said that “this kind donation means that they now have sufficient funds to start building the much needed toilet”. They are hoping that the building work will start soon and be completed by December this year.

Past President Anne Green presents a cheque to Di Tubbs of Riding for the Disabled

The second cheque was presented by Past President Anne Green to “Riding for the Disabled” at Stocks Equestrian Centre, West Parley. The Donation of £250 was to pay for a barbecue for the riders and volunteers to thank them for all their effort and support in the past.

The third cheque was presented by Past President Stan Webb to Mr Phil Tarrant, the Chief Executive of the Bournemouth Blind Society (formerly BSVI) at the Society’s centre in Bournemouth. The donation will pay for a CD copier capable of copying 7 CD’s at once and in a matter of minutes where as the old machine

Stan Webb presents a cheque to Philip Tarrant at the Bournemouth Blind Society

copied 1 at a time and took forever. Material copied will include the bi-monthly audio newsletter and other audio information and advice for visually impaired members. The rotary Club of Bournemouth have supported the Society for a number of years in many ways and hope to continue to do so in the future.