Guests at a Rotary show-case evening heard how the Rotary Club of Bournemouth North has donated in excess of £531,000 to charities at home and abroad since 2003. Guests including the Mayor of Poole, Councillor  Xena Dion and the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Bournemouth, John and Suzi Adams were told that £182,000 has been donated to local charities and £349,000 to charities in Africa and other countries over this period.

President Richard Taylor welcomes the Mayor of Poole Councillor Xena Dion

The event which was held at the prestigious new Bournemouth University Infusion Building included presentations by the Rotary District Governor Chris Slocock and other senior Rotary figures.  Over 60 guests heard how the Rotary organisation worldwide, together with other organisations, have brought about the near eradication of Polio across the world.

Guests also heard about a wide selection of causes with which the local club are heavily involved.  These include a project in Kenya run by Mr Roger Pannell, founder of the Osiligi Charity Project which was formed to help the Maasai Warriors community. Addressing the meeting the projects founder Mr Roger Pannell said “that the Rotary Club of Bournemouth North had made a significant financial contribution towards the building of a new school, medical clinic and an orphanage including assistance in the running costs”.

President Richard welcomes the Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth Councillor John Adams

Local charities including DORSET MIND which offers appropriate help to those experiencing mental health difficulties, HOPE FOR FOOD whose volunteers offer food to local homeless people suffering with depression and illness, and PEACE JAM, a skill-based program to enable children to make informed choices in conflict situations. Numerous other charities have also benefited from receiving financial and active support from the club.

There was also an exhibition of projects undertaken by the Rotary Club of Bournemouth North to raise funds.  These included the ever-popular Kinson Donkey Derby and Dog Show, Fashion Shows, Cabaret Evenings and numerous other entertaining and sporting events.

Club President Richard Taylor said that “The purpose of the evening was to raise the profile of Rotary and encourage people to join this amazing organisation “ In his opening statement he talked about the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction that members get by joining Rotary and helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Rotary DG Chris Slocock with his wife Yayu, the Mayor of Poole Councillor Xena Dion and Club President Richard Taylor

He also stressed the superb work being undertaken by so many local charity organisations that are always grateful for the financial and practical support they receive from Rotary.

The club currently has 40 members, men and women, drawn from all walks of life.  In addition to fundraising activities members can enjoy numerous sports and social events throughout the year and have lots of fun in the process.

The president also thanked the many local business partners for supporting the aims of the club.

He concluded the evening by encouraging people to join this active, thriving and successful club or any other Rotary club in the area, and invited prospective members to visit the Rotary Club of Bournemouth North website for further information.

The evening successfully demonstrated what one club can make to the local and internationally community.